Do You Want More Newsletter Readers?

newsstandEvery newsletter and magazine publisher wants more attentive subscribers. And, when you’re excited about a new service or magazine, you want to tell the world about it.

If you already have subscribers, it’s very tempting to send out an e-mail blast trumpeting your new baby. Look what we did!

Very tempting, but not necessarily a good idea.

A few days ago, I got an unwanted email from a new marketing magazine. I was pretty annoyed. I hadn’t subscribed to a new magazine, and had no idea why I was getting the e-mail.

This was, after all, a marketing magazine. Haven’t they heard of permission marketing?

I emailed the publisher, and she told me that I had gotten the issue because I subscribed to something else they publish. They took my permission to send X as permission to send an introductory copy of Y.


Here’s a better way to grow your subscribers.

It’s perfectly OK to offer readers of one publication the opportunity to subscribe to something else. But, tell them what you’re doing. Ask specifically for the opt-in, or at least make it very clear why you’re sending the email. “For readers of X, here’s a new magazine called Y. This is a single introductory issue. If you enjoy this, please click here to subscribe.”

An email like that would have gotten my attention, reduced my irritation, and might have induced me to sign up for the magazine.

Better yet, call it a “sneak preview”. Tell your readers they’re getting an exclusive, early look at the magazine, before it’s released to the general public. Focus on limited (for a time) access and exclusivity. The offer of the magazine will seem more appealing, and you’ll get more sign-ups.

Allow subscribers to choose preferences. Let them choose how often they want to hear from you and which publications they want to receive. If appropriate, ask if they want reminders (about holidays or birthdays or other special occasions). By doing so, you’re getting permission to send additional, personal, relevant messages at exactly the time your customer wants to buy something!


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