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Secrets of a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

If you're worried that your marketing message will get lost in a sea of email or stuck in a spam filter, think old school. Try a postcard marketing campaign instead. It won't get filtered out. Here are some tips for a successful postcard direct marketing campaign.

Your Postcard Needs a Headline

You only have a few seconds to get attention. Make it something that people will want to read. Promise a benefit. Keep it short and offer something that will make readers want to learn more. Use numbers, ask questions, and make recommendations. Here are some examples:
  • Five Things Your Web Developer Doesn't Want You to Know
  • Do You Make These Common Marketing Errors?
  • The Three Photography Blogs You Must Read Now
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Choose an Eye-Catching Photo

This is the next big attention-getter. Pick one that shows the advantage of using your service (or that highlights how well you perform). Make it big. Don't crowd the card with lots of little photos. Use one big one.

Keep Your Postcard Marketing Simple

Focus on one idea. Don't try to sell lots of services or products. Have a big headline, then a few sentences or bullet points to make your case. Use your card to get leads, tell current customers about special offers, or announce a free (or low-cost) Webinar. You probably won't get a direct sale, especially if your services are expensive.

Balance Commitment and Appeal

An offer that's too good to be true, or just too plain good will either get tossed or get you lots of responses from people who just want the goodies. An offer that takes too long or is too hard to respond to (like a card with an unruly URL), will lower your responses.

Include a Call to Action

A call to action just means you're asking readers to do something. It could be to call you, visit a web address, sign up for an event.

Mailing Postcards Saves You Money

Postcards are relatively cheap, but you can save even more with a few simple steps. Use an online printing and mailing service like amazing mail or modernpostcard.

The postcards are high-quality, full-color, and come in several sizes from regular to jumbo. You save money because your small order is combined with other small orders and all printed at once.

You'll also get discounts on postage (since your mailing is combined with lots of other mailings).

Track Your Postcard Marketing Campaign Responses

Don't forget to track the response you get. Add a code, or a unique phone number, or some other way to identify which mailngs (and which lists) are getting good responses. You'll knw which lists (or offer) to try again, and which to avoid.

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