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Five Simple Steps to Successful Email Marketing

You've started your email marketing campaign and you're ready for the profits to roll in. Right? Well, maybe.

A recent Mailer Mailer study of email click through rates (the percentage of people who open an email and then click on one of the links inside) showed that the average was only 2.90%.

Here are five simple ways to get more clicks.

Step One: Use a Landing Page

A landing page is a single page created specifically for the email marketing campaign). It repeats some of the information in the email, lays out more details about your offer, and includes pricing and ordering information.

Step Two: Match the Email and the Landing Page

Repeat the headline (or subject line) and use similar words and graphics. This reinforces what made your prospects click on your link in the first place and assures them they are in the right place.

Step Three: Make it Easy

The fewer fields required to order or register, the better. Response rates go down 20% with every field you add. Forms that pre-populate (fill in information automatically for past customers), also increase sales.

Step Four: Limit Distractions

Keep links to other parts of your site to a minimum. The more options, the more likely it is they will click away. Keep your visitors focused on what you want them to do.

Step Five: Get an Outsider to Test It

Have someone else test the process of opening, clicking, and ordering, and report back on whether it's easy to do.

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